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Salisbury Transmission Specialists provide a range of transmission servicing options, including log book servicing, for all types of vehicles, from older to late model vehicles including high performance European cars, SUVs, trucks and 4x4s.

Why is transmission servicing necessary?

Many people don’t know, but the most common mechanical failure is not in the engine but the transmission. Just like your engine needs to be serviced, a regular automatic transmission service is important. Due to lack of knowledge and not being informed correctly by dealers, most people don’t realise modern transmissions should be serviced regularly and in the majority of cases, a cooler should be fitted.

Reasons being that over time the transmission fluid breaks down due to heat. Contaminants then form. Once the transmission oil becomes too contaminated with metal filings and bits of worn clutch plates, friction and bands, or if the oil has leaked out, overheating occurs. In turn, there isn’t sufficient protection to the inner workings of modern automatic transmissions.

Because there is no warning light for transmission faults, having a service done will provide you with the check you need to tell you how much life is left in the transmission oil.

Salisbury Transmission Specialists recommend your fluid be checked roughly every 1,600km and every 20,000km or every 12 months (whichever comes first) is the best time to book in for a transmission flush and fluid. A service should be carried out more often if your vehicle is used to tow or haul heavy loads. Book your automatic transmission service today.

How can you tell what’s needed?

Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our qualified technicians assess your transmission and provide you with recommendations on how to proceed based on these points:
Oil condition | Computer check lights | Idle speed | Stall test forward | Stall test reverse | Shift timing | Shift feel | Kick down |Overdrive | Lockup

If you’ve experienced any symptoms, recently purchased a late model automatic or if you’d like to talk to an expert, call Salisbury Transmission Specialists for advice and peace of mind 08 8250 9875
Our services include:

  • Transmission servicing – automatic transmission service
  • Transmission overhauls
  • Exchange transmissions
  • Partial transmission repairs
  • Valve body reconditioning
  • Reconditioned torque converters
  • CVT startup clutch replacement
  • Power steering
  • Transmission coolers – supply and fit
  • Shift kits
  • Free diagnostics road tests
  • Free quotes
  • Australia wide guarantee

Symptoms of a failing transmission

  • Shifting gears is not as smooth
  • Leaks or wet spots under your vehicle
  • Heavy knocking sound or grinding when shifting gears
  • Slippage: when the engine speeds up but the vehicle doesn’t respond the way it should
  • A delayed or missing response when the engine changes gears
  • Reverse gear is stubborn
  • A delay in take off
  • The “Trans Light” or “A/T” light is flashing
  • There is only one gear working
Salisbury Transmission Specialists are RAA approved repairers for automatic transmission vehicles

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